StableBit Cloud+

StableBit Cloud+

The StableBit Cloud is now available as a release final along with all of our StableBit Apps. With this release we are also introducing the StableBit Cloud+ subscription option.

To get started with everything, visit:

In this blog post we’re going to talk about how the subscription works, the available free trial, and the free usage tier.


StableBit Cloud+ Trial

All new users who create a StableBit Cloud account will now get a free 30 day trial of StableBit Cloud+ with all of its features enabled (on up to 8 devices) with absolutely no strings attached. Simply log in, install our apps and you’re all set. The apps will be automatically licensed with fully functional 30 day trials as well, so you can explore all of the functionality freely and see if the service is right for you.

All existing StableBit Cloud BETA testers will get an extended StableBit Cloud+ free trial that ends on June 1 2022 (UTC). Thank you for helping us test the service.

If you choose to subscribe, you can do so at any time, and the pricing is very simple.

To subscribe, visit:

All StableBit Cloud+ features cost $1 (USD) per device linked to the cloud, every month. We will automatically bill you based on your usage, so you will only pay for what you use. There’s no purchasing of future “credits”, pre-purchasing “seats”, or anything like that. We accept credit cards, Google Pay, or Apple Pay, and we won’t start billing you for usage until after your trial ends.

StableBit Cloud+ Usage

If you owe us less than $5 for a given month, then we won’t bill you for that month, and your balance due will be carried over into the next month. You can cancel at any time, and you will simply pay for what you currently owe on your account at the time of cancellation.

App Licenses

StableBit App licenses continue to be purchased separately (à la carte), as before, and are not part of the StableBit Cloud+ subscription. StableBit apps can also continue to be used in disconnected mode or you can connect them to the cloud, the choice is yours. You can of course use your previously purchased StableBit app licenses with the StableBit Cloud’s centralized licensing system by simply entering them into the Licensing area.

Free Tier

StableBit Cloud+ Features

If you choose not to subscribe to StableBit Cloud+ at the end of your 30 day trial, you can continue to use the StableBit Cloud for free on up to 8 devices, with some features disabled. If you’d like to link more than 8 devices or enable some of the plus features, you can subscribe at any time.

Future BETAs

Now that the release final is out, we are ready to move on to the next BETAs. All future BETA development of the StableBit Cloud and its apps will now happen at a new address.

StableBit Cloud BETA:

Along with the new BETA web site we now also have a new BETA installer, which will automatically get you set up with the latest BETA versions of our apps (as they become available).

BETA Installer

The BETA installer is a separate download which you can grab from the StableBit Cloud BETA web site using one of the many download buttons there.

Download the BETA installer:


If you have any questions about the service, check out our FAQs in the support section, or open a ticket to get in touch with us.

StableBit Cloud support:

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