StableBit DrivePool Release Final

StableBit DrivePool 1.2.1

StableBit DrivePool 1.2.1 is now available as a Release Final build.


What’s New

Here are the highlights of this release:

  • A new flexible balancing framework that lets you organize your pool your way.
  • Fine grained balancing settings let you precisely control when to re-balance.
  • With the layered plug-in based balancing algorithms you can apply multiple balancing rules to your pool.
  • 3rd party balancing plug-in support. Anyone with .NET programming experience can write a new balancing plug-in.
  • We’ve written some plug-ins already:
    • Integration with Scanner 2.2+ allows for file evacuation and temperature control (built-in plug-in).
    • Use your SSD as a landing zone for new files on the pool with our optional ‘Archive Optimizer’ plug-in.
  • A rewritten real-time file size tracking system. It’s faster and more accurate.
  • Various drive removal improvements and other fixes.
  • Translation to Polish.

The heart of this new release is the new balancing framework. Essentially we have multiple plug-ins that can interact together to define a balancing model that is capable of controlling real-time file placement and background re-balancing. I won’t go into more detail here since I’ve already discussed this in great detail in some of my previous posts.

Download balancing plug-ins here:

What’s Next

DrivePool 1.3 BETA will be released for public testing in the next few days. It has everything from DrivePool 1.2.1 in addition to multiple pool support. DrivePool 1.3 is a significant update to DrivePool’s back-end including the file system and the virtual disk system.