StableBit CloudDrive RC

With version StableBit CloudDrive enters the Release Candidate stage.

Release Candidate

Download it here:

Once again, a big thank you to everyone who helped test the BETA of this product and who reported issues to us, it makes the product all that much better to use for everyone. If you do encounter any additional issues, please don’t hesitate to report those at so that they can be identified and fixed up.

Pre-release Drives

Any existing cloud drives that were created prior to the 1.0 RC will show a “pre-release” banner.


Although the RC is fully backwards compatible with all of the previous BETAs, the back-end functionality may have changed since, and those pre-release drives may not be utilizing the most optimal code paths. For example, there may be newer validation algorithms available, better data organization patterns, or simply that the default settings for new drives may have changed.

To get the best experience in StableBit CloudDrive, ideally, your drives should be created with version or newer.

Additional Providers

We’ve got a bunch of requests for additional storage providers, and those will start to be added after the 1.0 release final is out. If you do want to see a particular provider added, please do let us know at

  • Daniel

    Hi, congratulations on making release candidate! Do you plan to have any functionality to convert drives from “pre-release” to current?

  • dynAdZ

    This. I don’t like the pre-release banner and would like to convert to the “best” version. But I can’t manually move the files to a new drive because it’s just too many data.

  • Ross Dargan

    Yeah… if you are giving the banner some way to upgrade would be very useful!